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Location: Cambodia

Here is just a little mix-match of our last days in Vietnam and our week in Cambodia, enjoy!

17 Aug 2005, 1:57PM

"Welcome to the jungle ..." Mekong Delta trip from Vietnam to Cambodia!

15 Aug 2005, 2:41PM

Tara being pedelled through the streets of Ho Chi Minh City on a cyclo! Do you like the typical Asian pose we have adopted? ... peace man!!!

17 Aug 2005, 3:50PM

Looking stylish in our conical hats!

17 Aug 2005, 2:09PM

Me standing beside the murky waters of the Mekong ... watch out for the crocs!

18 Aug 2005, 7:05PM

Watching the sunset over the Vietnamese-Cambodian border.

17 Aug 2005, 3:54PM

More Mekong photos - got a bit snap-happy but it was so cool!

19 Aug 2005, 9:38AM

Huts along the Mekong.

18 Aug 2005, 7:23PM

At the top of a mountain we watched the sunset over the border.

24 Aug 2005, 3:23PM

The temple where Tomb Raider was filmed .. thus explaining my poor attempt at an Angelina Jolie bad-ass pose!!!

24 Aug 2005, 5:06PM

The grand Angkor Wat!!!

24 Aug 2005, 7:35PM

Watching the sunset over Angkor Wat - really amazing!

24 Aug 2005, 11:46AM

More tmples at Angkor Wat - just to give you an idea! It was amazing and these piccies really don't do it justice!