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Santa Cruz 5 day hike

Location: Huaraz, Peru

I'd been told this trek in Peru's Cordillera Blanca mountain range was spectular and it was. Snow-capped mountains, deep valleys and cows chasing me in the night when I went for a pee!

24 May 2005, 2:50PM

Arty shot with the mountain in the background...

24 May 2005, 2:53PM

Myself and Gutz, my German friend, arriving at the first camp. Looks sunny now but it was pretty chilly later.

25 May 2005, 4:22PM

Day 2's camp. This is where I was chased in the night by curious cows as I went to the loo!

25 May 2005, 2:20PM

Moi and El Pyramide mountain in the background. We'd just climbed up to around 4,500 metres I think to reach a stunningly clear blue lagoon.

26 May 2005, 11:31AM

Me and crazy Gutz in her leg warmers and hot pants. She got quite a few stares from the local Peruvian farmers!

25 May 2005, 4:30PM

The view from our tent on at the second camp. We'd just walked for seven hours and I was exhausted.

27 May 2005, 12:41PM

The food was delicious. This was a tuna and potato thing. The best was afternoon tea everyday, with bread, jam and coca tea.

25 May 2005, 2:43PM

View of El Pyramide mountain. We walked all along the bottom and up to the lagoon.

28 May 2005, 9:23AM

The view of Lake Llangunuco on our final day. Pretty spectacular.

28 May 2005, 12:32PM

Gorgeous lake 69. It's called Lake 69 because they couldn't think of another name for it, and it follows Lake 68. Hmm, logical.