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Ilha Grande or Paradise Island

Location: Ilha Grande, Brazil

My favourite place so far... I arrived on Ilha Grande for the start of a three day music festival, which meant it was packed with people dancing, drinking and recovering from hangovers on the beach the next day. But what a place to recover, it´s absolutely beautiful.

1 Jul 2005, 1:35PM

Boats in the harbour as the sun was setting.

1 Jul 2005, 10:26AM

View of the main town, Villa de Abraao.

1 Jul 2005, 2:16PM

Bit of dancing and drinking as the sun setsj.

1 Jul 2005, 1:35PM

Men in red pants and silly hats on the beach.

2 Jul 2005, 8:36AM

One of hundreds (yes!) of beaches around the collection of islands.

2 Jul 2005, 7:59AM

Morning in Ilha Grande. I was just about to set off for a two hour walk to Lopez Mendes, described in the Book (Lonely Planet) as the most beautiful beach in Brazil.

2 Jul 2005, 12:17PM

This picture doesn´t really do Lopez Mendes beach justice. It is stunning.

2 Jul 2005, 9:40AM

Random flower I spotted along the way. No idea what it is.

2 Jul 2005, 7:58PM

My friend the cake seller.

2 Jul 2005, 2:23PM

On the way back to town.

4 Jul 2005, 7:19AM

And my Brazilian friends in the campsite.

2 Jul 2005, 8:02PM

My other friend the caipirinha seller.