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Indian Adventure 1

Location: India

I thought i'd share a few of my photos from India on this page as well. These ones are of various places all over the sub-continent.

The world famous game of 'Cabadi' The aim of the game is to hold hands and hold your breath and try and stop the opponents getting to the other end. Or something like that. Still not too sure.

Religious town of Pushkar in Rajhastan, on the edge of the desert.

In front of the Red Fort in Delhi, with Megan and Ed.

Riding on top of a bus with an Irish lad called Mark who we adopted along the way.

Rafting on the Ganges up near Rishikesh at the base of the himalayas.

Ed, master of the children.

The Taj Mahal.

Ed and Parms having a bit of a dip in the Ganges.

These girls stole my hairstyle!

Boy band in front of the Taj.

Blackout in Agra, with passing car on the street below.

The Taj from across the river. The river is quite a bit wider in the wet season.