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Indian Adventure 3

Location: India

Most of our time getting around was spent in these things. Had to be careful that your arms didnt get ripped off!

From the top of the Jodhpur fort with Parms and Mark. Original cannons from the warring times.

On our way to Goa. Quite a bit more tropical down there.

In the Muslim states there were no bars so we played a lot of cards!...and i mean a lot.

Palolem beach in Goa where we spent a week.

The restaurant at the front of our coconut hut in Goa.

We took the motorbikes to some hidden beaches around Goa.

a day got me this beast!

The ruins of Vijayanagar Empire around the village of Hampi from over 650 years ago.

Inland from Goa at a place called Hampi, which was a weird combination of temples and boulders the odd oasis here and there.

Irrigation has made its way amongst the boulders.

More of that ancient civilisation that was once the capital of the area.