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Ed & Whitey go to kyoto

Location: Japan

The first few nights of Ed's visit. Sashimi dinner, a festival and the beginning of our camping trip up to Kyoto.

Kokura Gion festival which involved a lot of drumming and jumping around. Most of the women get dressed up in summer kimono for the night.

The guy who cut my hair shouted Ed and I a sashimi dinner. Raw prawns are a little strange.

Our first night on our trip north we camped on a little Island of Honshu which is an old whaling village.

Japanese men getting friendly at dinner!

A nice little bay where Japanese tourists spend their weekend to escape the heat.

The whaling village from near where we camped.

We made some friends who cooked us dinner. No complaints!

The coastline after sunset.

No explanation needed.

Whale rider.

The same coastline during the day.

The bay during the day.