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Ed & Whitey go to kyoto #2

Location: Japan

Further on in our camping adventure.

The tori (gate to a shrine) on Miyajima Island.

Famous bridge at a town called Iwakuni. Built without the use of any bolts or something like that centuries ago but was destroyed by a typhoon around the 50's i think. So this one is a reconstruction.

The A-Bomb dome at Hiroshima which was just underneath the explosion point of the world first Atomic Bomb.

Our second night's camping spot on Miyajima Island. Ed had his feet nibbled by the deer, through the tent wall during the night.

Himeji Castle

The third nights camp site. Very classy.

We parked in the wrong spot. A towing and a visit to the police station later...we were 0 poorer.

Himeji Castle

Our next campsite.

The worlds longest suspension bridge. 4km long.

Making friends with a deer at Nara

We met a Jpanese traveller who joined us for some amazing renditions of Mr Big and Metallica songs.