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12 MacFarlane Rd

Location: London, UK

In Hindsight things are better than they were at the time, i think it might be a little longer before all my memories of 12 MacFarlane are fond, but below are some of the fonder ones (cue nostalgia music)

12 MacFarlane family outting to The Britsh Museum - Quote of the day goes to Ryan " there is heaps of old broken stuff hey?"

The BBQ that would not light - so the Australia day BBQ was cooked in the pan. We tried... surely that coutns?

Ladies from 12 Mac Farlane ready for a night on the town, which ended up being a night predominately spent on buses trying to get around town

British Museum

Tube surfing on the way home from chicago

Outting to Chicago - Kel is not happy with the wait to sit down

the ladies looking... well decidely un lady like, me, jess, giselle, tamara and kelly.

The first through the doors of the church - for a few breif moments we OWNED the dance floor

Uxbridge Road at sunset

The first to be shown the door at the church - good form Ryan

12 MacFarlane itself- the famous yellow door

This is Jess, she enjoys a sunny afternoon in the park for a spot of butt crack ballet - odd name but a great game, the rules are, kick the ball and dance to catch it (esepcially if you can dance/kick your way into other peoples real games)