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My day

Location: London, UK

Here is what my days look like these days

In the gardens there is a sign that says not to feed the birds - i don't believe it! Mary Poppins said it was OK, so it is OK with me!

I go to work which is near St Pauls, so sometimes have lunch in the gardens around it.

Sometimes I meet random people to walk with and have photos with

I often walk home from work, along the blossom filled streets

Sometimes I stop off at the lovely 3 Greyhounds to...

Other days i get the tbe home - but you never know who you might see!

Other days a cup cake and a coffee are more appealing.

Meet a friend for a beer

But then I always go home and sit in our living room - not such an exciting picture BUT WE HAVE A LIVING ROOM!!!!

I might even stop at the markets for some fresh produce