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The last of Chile

Location: Chile

here are some photos from the journey leaving chile up to the bolivian border....

The GIANT supermarket... the photo really doesn't capture the depth.

looking for the perfect umbrella to keep all that northern Chile Sun off us in La Serrena.

The Geisers at sunrise... so cold that after standing in the steam to warm up my hair froze solid!

This is what the 17 hour drive from La Serrena to San Pedro looks like.... the whole way. Well at one stage we saw a bus that had fallen off the road, but otherwise, no animals, so plants not nada!

The andes in the background. Apparently in one week it will be knee deep in snow!

The Geisers again. I didn't even fall over on all that ice, the altitude must help my corodintation!

More sunset... one, two, three...ahhhhh how pretty

La Valle Luna at sunset. We hd to walk across the top of a sand dune to get there, not nearly as easy as it looks in the movies!

Hello Bolivia!!!

Goodbye Chile!!!!

The blue lagoon (fyi it is copper sulfate from the mountians that makes it blue)

Our trusty land cruiser, and the first quick tinker under the bonnet for the trip.