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Across the Salt Flats

Location: Uranyi Salt flats, Bolivia

Some photos from our 4WD adventure!!!

Not sure whether Matthew isn't made for Bolivia or Bolivia isn't made for him... this photo was taken about one hour before he broke the big bed and had to sleep in the tiny one, knees at right angles all night.

The red lagoon, there are some flamingos out there somewhere...

The rock tree... pretty amazing, there is nothing else that comes close to standin out in the landscpe for miles

This is the burning rag on on stick inside a running engine. You can just see the flame if you look carefully.

There really are flamingos!!!

The rock tree was really a cover for a quick look under the bonnet.

Even the beds at the salt hotel are made of salt bricks. We were told that we had to race to get into the salt hotel as it can only accomodate three groups per night. We got there first... and last, maybe it is just cheap place to stay.

Where the falmingos live...

The bus window from Uranyi to Potosi, there was a lovely breeze the whole way. This bus trip makes 5 connsecutive that we have sat in seats 19 and 20. This time we didn't even ask... freky? I think so.

Island of the fish, in the middle of the salt flats. It is covered in cactus, they only grow 1cm per year, and one on the Island in over 12m do the math!

After the tour of the mnine we were able to play wiht some dynamite....