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Location: Villa tunari, Bolivia

here are some photos from the animal park and of us leaving the animal park.

The very beautiful GATO. please feel free to use this as your desktop image!

The day dorney and i caught a bus thinking we were going to a cool old mansion. We really went to a cool paddock, where we waited fifteen min for the bus to take us back. It is proof that i am not tall enough to take a selfie!

The great Gats-by during his afternoon soak in the mozzie haven

Gatito! again

A squirrel monkey called stumpy... he is missing some of his tail but does like to bite!

me and fidel the capuchin monkey. after i was mugged by one of his kin he was the only one i would allow near me.

Does it not scare anyone else how similar these hands are?

Dorney and Stu taking a break from construction for a bit of monkey time!

On our last day we went to a swing park, THe guy told us "no architects, all imagination" and then marched us up an 18m ladder, only to swing us off. It was great fun! although i am pretty sure that all imagination in bolivian for no saftey standards.

While dragging rocks up the hill for the new cage a spider monkey hopped on for a free ride! they are such amazing animals

The boy and his bag... leaving the animal refuge...all the time in the world but no bus!