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The end of Argentina

Location: Argentina

From Buenos Aires to Iguazu... with a big bus trip inbetween

Some are not as well maintained as others, the fourth one here had a hole in the roof and the coffin was cracked. That was about enough for me, and i left.

Recoleta Cemetario, a mini suburb for the dead.

The house of congress, inspired by the American version, with the thinker in the foreground...hmmm

This giant flower is set on a lake and the petals open in the day time and close at night.

View from the hostel roof. In the foreground is a restaurant called "the museum of ham", it does have alot of ham, but i donīt think it can really be classified as a museum.

Steaks as big as your face!

the obelish of Bs As at night, on our way to another steak house.

Cafe tortini - A ye olde tea house where we stopped by for a bit of afternoon tea. The interior hasn't been changed for 100 years and i don't think our waiter had either.

Iguazu falls

Ave 9th of July - a twenty lane road that cuts Bs As, although due to a healthy disrespect for road rules it can be up to 25 lanes at times.

Iguazu falls... as i said amazing is the only word i have.

Iguazu falls