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Location: Rio, Brazil

From winter in argentina to the summer that never ends, yay to Brazil.

I caught a fish THIS big.

It really is a huge statue, my neck was sore from looking up at him.

At the top of sugar loaf with Copacabana and all the beautiful people who lie on it, in the back ground.

The View of Rio from Sugar loaf mountain, you can just see christ on the top of the mountain (if you squint through the smog that is)

As always, first thing in a new place, straight up the highest hill and have a look. We were staying on the beach just about where the shadow starts.

The Cables from the cable car... the question is how did they get them up there? The first cable car was opened in the 20s and sugar loaf is an island about 600m high...if anyone knows the answer i would love to know!

Sunset after a long day of sitting on sand...tough stuff really.

The light house on Morro san Paulo

Sunset over the harbour of Salvador

Leaving the Island was sad, but the boat was going so fast that my tears were washed away and face contorted into a smile!

The old city in Salvador and the Church of San Fransisco which took about 30 years to build and over 100 to do the interior design.