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Lake Titicaca

Location: Titicaca, Bolivia

The start of the made dash across Titicac and Peru

The forecourt of the Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Virgen.
In front of the Cathedral twice a day everyone in town brings their cars and have them blessed.

More of sunset.

The Lookout at Copacabana, the walk up there was a bit steep, lucky there was the stations of cross on the way, so I hot 14 legitimate rests on the way

There isn't too much pasture on the Island of the sun, so the cattle chow on lake weed, it looked pretty good too!

Sunset over the massive expanse of water. It is over 9000 square Kms (so I was told) much like the ocean that this is the Bolivian Navy headquaters. They have been landlocked for 100 years, but are still sure that they will get back a sea port.

It looks just like to ocean, but it isn't..

The preferred mode of transport between islands. It only takes one month for two guys to build a boat this size.

The Floating Islands. It was so calm and sunny that it was a bit tricky to get me to leave. Lying on the Islands is like being on a giant lilo.