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Canada - Eh?

Location: Vancouver, Canada

A few snaps of my time here and my Dad's visit

Lovely down town vancouver on an autumn afternoon

there i was, up at whister and I SAW A BEAR!!! it was so close...

Speaking of scary, this is what the neghbour did to his house for halloween - and they think it is the Australian's who are odd for not celebrating a holiday which requires dead people in your front yard!

hockey hockey hockey... people were taking off their clothes whenever a goal was scored - scary stuff

Some really tall trees!

The ferry to Vancouver Island with my cousins Leif and Kiara

Victoria, Vancouver Island

me and my dad on vancouver Isaland

Dad and the space needle - it looks like a back drop but we were really there.

Seattle - Music Project.

My first pumpkin (mine is on the left) pretty good huh?

Aidan and Bronwyn at the corn maze. Aidan is in Bevera, like scouts but so much funnier, they even have a little bever tail that hangs off the back of their hats.