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beijing and hong kong.....

Here are a few photos of my travels so far. Starting at the airport, Beijing, Hong Kong.

10 Apr 2005, 8:15AM

Arrived in Beijing and straight out on a rickshaw.

9 Apr 2005, 2:57PM

Tracey and I waiting to board the plane at Heathrow to start the travels.

10 Apr 2005, 12:15PM

Having a hot pot dinner. Very nice!!

10 Apr 2005, 9:07AM

The public toilets in beijing took a bit of getting used to!!

12 Apr 2005, 1:17PM

Peking duck which was very nice, they cook the whole duck including head and bring it to the table to carve!

11 Apr 2005, 2:41PM

Cocktails anyone!

14 Apr 2005, 11:49AM

Hong Kong by Night!

13 Apr 2005, 4:51AM

At the wall after a very long walk!

15 Apr 2005, 5:59AM

This is called the mid escalator, in the mornings it goes down to the city bringing people from the mid levels to work then at about 11am it goes in the opposite direction, quite bizarre.

15 Apr 2005, 5:13AM

Had enough of Chinese food for one meal so went to Pizza express in Hong Kong!

15 Apr 2005, 12:16PM

This is where the expats hang around.

15 Apr 2005, 6:39AM

Tracey on the mid escalator.