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July 2005

11 Jul 2005, 2:50PM

Sonia on the razzle

11 Jul 2005, 3:03PM

A lovely glass of NZ bubbles some fresh sashimi and chopsticks made of twigs!

23 Jul 2005, 4:09PM

Sonia and here number one fan!

13 Jul 2005, 12:15PM

This place is 5 minutes from my work ,which i always seem to forget

23 Jul 2005, 4:16PM

The bells broken hence the horn ,the only true coo for 8000 miles!

23 Jul 2005, 3:53PM

Sonia and Angus ,this was this lovely place we went to up on the range ,at 1100m it got dam chilly

23 Jul 2005, 4:09PM

23 Jul 2005, 5:26PM

Sonia stuck in anice cube again!

24 Jul 2005, 5:25PM

There must be a Dog

24 Jul 2005, 5:08PM

Inside of the peppers lodge ,5 course dinner ,wine and choccy biccys included

1 Aug 2005, 2:54PM

I call this piece "strippy ballons"

22 Jun 2005, 2:13PM

My first water feature.