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Finally some photos to see

Location: Italy

Wecolme to the visual tour. As you can see Project Skinny Legs is definately working. Photos start from Salzburg Austria as we bought our new fantastic digital cameras just before then. Enjoy.

Untesburg, near Salzburg, Austria. The cable car we went to the top in is the faint dot between the 2 peaks. This mountain is the one pictured in the start and finish of the movie.

something totally unrelated to The Sound of Music movie - the Sound of Music bull. Salzburg.

Car Camping. south coast of Italy. The Apricots were just kicking in at this stage.

Carol holding her new camera in the snow on the top of Untesburg Mountain.

Perverted Carol and a copy of David.

Carol and the Collessum and the tour group we walked about with... all yanks mind you!


At the top of Untesburg.

St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. Not happy that the pope couldnt come out to play.

Along the coast of Italy near Sorrento.

It really does lean. Note that 2 minutes later the sky turned black and we were stuck in a hail storm. girls were screaming, baby's were crying, mums were running, umbrellas were sticking people in the eye before turning inside out, and carol and i were laughing our arses off. Fantastic!

sneaky shot by carol in the Sistine Chapel.