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Jeju Island, S.Korea

Here are some pics taken on Jeju Island - South Korea's southern-most region.

25 Dec 2002, 9:09PM

Christmas in Seoul at a Tokebi Storm show. From left to right, (standing)Karen, Soo-Jin, a Devil, and Soo-Jin's classmate, our last minute ticket broker, (kneeling) Tae-Ho and Kip.

28 Dec 2002, 12:24PM

These guys, carved out of Jeju's volcanic rock, are everywhere on the island.

28 Dec 2002, 4:03PM

Kyung-Pyo, "Call me Kevin." at his grandparent's farm.

28 Dec 2002, 4:01PM

SooJinacious at Dr. Hong's family's orange farm.

28 Dec 2002, 4:12PM

Graves are speckled across the island. Families bury their dead on the family farm.

28 Dec 2002, 3:55PM

Minha and the monster orange.

30 Dec 2002, 3:48PM

Dr. Hong taking a time out to answer his telephone.

29 Dec 2002, 6:43PM

Spice and sauce stand at Cheju City's market.

26 Dec 2002, 1:01PM

Traditional Korean clothes - Hanbok.

30 Dec 2002, 2:29PM

Dr. Hong and us, searching for the wild mountain monks, close to the summit of Mount Halla, Jeju's dead volcanic mountain, located in the center of the island.