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Some pics of our most lovable pet. Our friend found Kerry/Carey/Q-Chan (a Carrion crow) in May, 2003 dehydrated and almost dead and brought him to us. Carey left us in April, 2004 but wherever he is he will never be forgotten. Carey became a bit of a legend in Monbetsu - where most people hate crows (there are zillions of them in this area!).

C'mon smile. Nevermind the crow dandruff everywhere. Really, it is a waxy tubing that protects their feathers. It looked like his feathers were covered in mini plastic drinking straws.

Feed me (constantly), preferably that oatmeal (import!) crowling food recipe Karen pulled off the net. Let's just say we never knew baby birds were SO much work.

Flapping around.

Dude, nice legs. Bit of a bald spot on your chest yet though.

12 Sep 2003, 11:31AM

Mesmerized by the camera's lens cap.

29 Aug 2003, 3:01PM

Bath Time. We didn't know a bucket of water could be so much fun!

5 Oct 2003, 11:29AM

Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case the crow. Luckily for Kerry, this stray was busy taking a bath.

5 Oct 2003, 11:24AM

Handsome guy eh?