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The shop To Date!!!

Location: Benalla, Australia

whats happened in the shop latley!!! we have the health inspectors tick!!!! yay!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:14PM

dad and ken the plumber putting in the sink!!

30 May 2006, 3:01PM

mums feet!!! doing the floor!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:15PM

angela came to visit

3 Jul 2006, 4:15PM

ken and dad again!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:17PM

brand spanking new stove!!! swit swill!!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:16PM

vicki too!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:18PM

the shelves we got made!!!! made by a shearer in benalla!!!! got 3!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:18PM

ummm..... the floor!!!

3 Jul 2006, 4:19PM

taking over your job bonnie!!!!!! hahaha!!! have decided on hook and spoon!!!! yay for decisions!!!