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the wonderful puppies!!!

Location: Boho, Australia

heres tilly, dotti, mini, and boo!!!

10 Jul 2005, 8:51AM

dottie and boo like their hugs

26 Jun 2005, 7:57AM

this one wasnt meant to come up cos its not a puppie!!!!!!!

10 Jul 2005, 8:48AM

dotti the poser!

10 Jul 2005, 8:51AM

mini dose a spot of shopping!

10 Jul 2005, 8:42AM

tilly just wants to play!

10 Jul 2005, 8:45AM

mini is the mini one

26 Jun 2005, 8:24AM

strange huggles!!!

4 Jul 2005, 3:59AM

tilly garding her teepee

26 Jun 2005, 8:27AM

they do sleep weird!!!