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some of my random pics

Location: boho, Australia

heres some of my life!!!!!!!

10 Jul 2005, 9:11AM

the little shoes i decorated for rosies bub.

30 Jun 2005, 1:48PM

this is the bagroom with its mud masks on.

10 Jul 2005, 3:58AM

ingee befour the big ride!!!!!

26 Jun 2005, 3:15PM

rubbing noses with the rich and ramous...... and unborn!!!

29 Jun 2005, 9:25AM

me with all the hats we made in maths!!!! we were learning i swear!!!

15 Jul 2005, 8:32AM

georgias having a baby too!

15 Jul 2005, 8:26AM

boo checks out her wheels.

19 Jun 2005, 8:31AM

prue in her lovley mightee!!!!! isnt she cute!!!!!

25 Jun 2005, 12:18PM

mine and rosies pie! (its a car if you didnt notice)

25 Jun 2005, 10:36AM

rosie with a dumb look on her face and with a bit of a bump.

26 Jun 2005, 8:24AM

tilly and her pups sleeping rather strangley!!!!

4 Jul 2005, 3:56AM

tillys lean cusine!!!!!!!