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Rio and São Paulo

Location: Rio/São Paulo, Brazil

Hey these are some scenic photos of both Rio and SP, people along the way and food that I am eating. Mom thats for you.

The dryer of Brasil

São Paulo from the Air

a typical dinner. Potatoes, salad, chicken, beans, etc.

Gabi and me at a cafe near her house


Overlooking Rio. Inland, I think this is toward the Lagoa

São Benedito in SP. A restaurant pub there that family friendly. fromt the Left (Ma, Carol, Marcelo, Miro, Ju, ...., Zanotte)

Impanema beach. the far end was where I was staying with Gabi's family in Apoador (Joaquim Nabuco)

Miro's place

A church celebrating the festa Junina (june festivals, kinda countryside type celebration with cowboy attire)

Av. Paulista

Estação da Luz (Station of Light) in downtown SP