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Location: Venice, Italy

Venice is a city that not only delights the eye and mind, but is a place that one cannot help but fall in love with, like an old lover, faded perhaps by the years, but still green in the memory. In historic times, it was the capital of the Serene Republic. It to this day Venice remains La Serenissima, the Serene City.

10 Jul 2005, 1:12PM

Yummmm, this is lovely ice-cream and look at the scenery.

10 Jul 2005, 1:09PM

In the centre in Verona. Beautiful!!!

11 Jul 2005, 11:09AM

The Rialto Bridge was built between 1588 and 1591 as a replacement for a wooden bridge. Until the middle of the 19th Century, when the Accademia Bridge was built, it was the only way to cross the Grand Canal. Located at the northern part of the canal, the Rialto is a 24 foot arch designed to allow for the passage of galleys underneath. It has three walkways, two along the outer balustrades, and one wider, central walkway under cover and lined with tiny shops selling linens, jewelry, and glass. The bridge consists of steps, so it is difficult to navigate with strollers or wheel chairs. The Rialto Bridge is as much a universally recognized symbol of Venice as is the Piazza San Marco.

11 Jul 2005, 9:09AM

St Mark's Basilica ... We didn't go in, the line was endless as it was the middle of the day. Rudi, Nathan, Me and Wayne

11 Jul 2005, 11:21AM

Everyone knows Venice. Gondolas bobbing on the Grand Canal, and a picturesquely decaying city sinking slowly into the waters of the Lagoon. And yet Venice is a city of many surprises and delights for the visitor. The first one is that you will spend most of your time walking - the pavements play as major a role in the city as do the canals. The one thing you won’t see is cars, drivers have to leave their vehicles at the city gate, and that makes exploring this romantic, art-filled and utterly unique city very enjoyable. And though tourists crowd the city, most of them head straight for the Basilica di San Marco and the Doge’s Palace; a little trip off the beaten track yields huge rewards, as you nip down narrow alleys and find beautiful little churches, street markets and yet another canal before you.

11 Jul 2005, 11:10AM

This is really the most romantic city of our tour!

10 Jul 2005, 12:52PM

Apparently if you touch the right breast of the statue of Juliet, it will bring you good luck!!!!!

11 Jul 2005, 3:48PM

Our friend David & I having espresso's at The Palace Hotel overlooking the Grand Canal ...

11 Jul 2005, 11:00AM

Gondolier sing me a song ....

10 Jul 2005, 12:50PM

Juliet's balcony in Verona from the Shaekspeare scene Romeo & Juliet

10 Jul 2005, 12:29PM

The Arena di Verona boasts 2000 years of history: a venue for gladiators, capital punishment and the place where the Opera Festival is held. Since as far back as 1913, some of the most prestigious artists in the world from the opera scene have alternated performances on the immense stage in the Arena. For those who have a passion for archaeology and history: here you will find the description of the amphitheatre which was built 2000 years ago.

11 Jul 2005, 4:11PM

Me and the birds on St Marks Square having a moment ...