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The BBC London Proms

Location: London, UK

Apparently the World's Greatest Classical Music Festival!
The 100th Proms season took place in 1994 and the festival now includes over 70 main Prom concerts every year, ever widening the range of symphonic and operatic music presented. The BBC Proms continues to welcome leading international performers whilst showcasing the best of the British music scene, including the BBC's own orchestras and choirs.

10 Sep 2005, 5:50PM

Very patriotic ... see all the flags and caps.

10 Sep 2005, 5:38PM

Mandy & I at the Proms 2005!

10 Sep 2005, 6:32PM

The eve at the proms ... drizzeled a bit but that didn't stop the show and the fun ...

10 Sep 2005, 5:37PM

And there was a Freddy Mercury lookalike and boy oh boy did they sound the same!

10 Sep 2005, 8:04PM

With Simply Red also quite a hit!

10 Sep 2005, 7:38PM

and who better than Andrea Bocelli to steal the show