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The Royal Henley Regatta

Location: Henley, UK

Well you can't get much more English than this!

1 Jul 2006, 7:07PM

"Christ can you please sneak us a bottle of Verve Cliquet, we wont tell"!

1 Jul 2006, 7:06PM

I want this photo... but if someone pushes me in....I will be not happy Jan!!!

1 Jul 2006, 7:13PM

Crazy boys in the freezing was pretty hot though the water was too cold for Katie!!

1 Jul 2006, 7:08PM

Carly, Shannon, Bart, Ed....."I think they sell Pimm's around here somewhere!"

1 Jul 2006, 7:17PM

The scenery is so beautiful

1 Jul 2006, 7:13PM

Hang on boys....I'm coming!

1 Jul 2006, 8:12PM

Christie: "Drinks all round...thank godness I have finished work and can start partying with you guys"

1 Jul 2006, 7:19PM

"We gotta find the owners of those boats over there!!"

2 Jul 2006, 8:41AM

The Greens Marquee...our Royal Regatta accomodation! All class!!

2 Jul 2006, 8:41AM

Kate: "OH MY head hurts!" Christie: "I know if i sit up the tent will be spinning"!

2 Jul 2006, 11:28AM

"Glad he's doing that and not me!"

2 Jul 2006, 10:59AM

It's exciting....the hangover is subsiding!!