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Wimbledon & Cousin kelly

Location: London, UK

Another British Sport and some not so British dinner outings with Cousin Kelly!

4 Jul 2006, 12:47PM

Christ, Kate, Carly, Carly's friend....whoops her name has slipped my mind!

4 Jul 2006, 9:54AM

We're in finally........the queue was not so bad this year! Hey.. it beats going to work!!!

4 Jul 2006, 2:51PM

The Big is really quite massive!!

4 Jul 2006, 2:50PM

Watching the Big Screen on Henman (loser) Hill as the Brits call it, drinking Pimms again watching the Big Screen!!

14 Jul 2006, 10:16PM

Ethiopian cusine...lucky Kel got a mouth full from the hands of a real Ethiopian!! She was not impressed!

4 Jul 2006, 3:27PM

Traditional Strawberries and Cream......boy my legs are white.....hidious!

14 Jul 2006, 10:27PM

Me and Cousin Kel enjoying the grub......"hmmm I can feel a roti boti coming on!"

14 Jul 2006, 10:27PM

Sarah, Allison (Kel's friends) and Shannon (my flatmate) and a plate of what looks like shiete!!

16 Jul 2006, 9:50PM

Kelly, Me and Kelly.....OMG I ate way too much!

15 Jul 2006, 4:10PM

At the Boathouse....another jug of Pimms please!!

16 Jul 2006, 10:54PM

Belguim style...a rack of Schnapps....that's round two!

16 Jul 2006, 8:53PM

"Ok so Kel's just been in Spain for 2 weeks......and I have been working on my London tan!!!