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Family Photo and 80's Party

Location: London, UK

I only have 2 more family members to meet!! The 80's have made a come back!

12 Aug 2006, 8:56PM

80's Party! Ready to hit South Kensignton!! Gus, Bart and Charles

10 Aug 2006, 3:48PM

Family Photo From left to right, Cousins Emily, Charlotte, Dylan, Me Uncle Bob, Aunty Christine, Aunty Gaye, Aunty Margot and Cousin Layla! Dad's brother was taking the photo!

12 Aug 2006, 9:00PM

Legwarmers are back!! I think we should send this photo to a modeling agency ASAP!

12 Aug 2006, 8:57PM

We are so hot right now!! Especially with our crimped hair!!

12 Aug 2006, 9:52PM

"So girls, it's time you reveal what's under ur jackets!!! We can aready see the leg warmers you know!!"

12 Aug 2006, 9:51PM

"So do you think it's time to take off the jackets, it's getting rather roasty in here!"......"I think I need a few more drinks before we do that!"

12 Aug 2006, 11:02PM who thinks we should go out dressed like this next Saturday night???

12 Aug 2006, 10:42PM

Ahh the good old Boom Box!! Got any New Kids on the Block on there!

13 Aug 2006, 12:24AM

Well that's enough crazy dancing for one night!!

12 Aug 2006, 10:48PM

Richard the Birthday Boy in his Miami Vice get up.....what style!!

12 Aug 2006, 10:45PM

"So you're no very Miami Vice!!"......"I know, but you love it anyway!"....Well you got me there, the leg warmers will always do it for me!!"

12 Aug 2006, 11:05PM

"Polka Dot fun....what were the fashion designers thinking in the 80's"