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Location: Little India, Singapore

Our first destination after leaving Oz...and we spent 3 hectic days craming loads into our time in this beautiful & clean (so very clean!) country.

29 Mar 2006, 11:11PM

A huge snake that even Miss Gunner was not up for handling on the Night Safari we went on.

29 Mar 2006, 3:04PM

A local hindu mosque we visited in Little India

30 Mar 2006, 12:27AM

A FLYING fruit fox! yes, just after I took this picture he leapt from the tree and you could see his web-like wings attached to his front legs!! A crazy sight, if ever we've seen one but amazing all the same?

29 Mar 2006, 11:44PM

Hopefully you can just see some otters swimming in the dark here?

30 Mar 2006, 1:36AM

Tasha didn't mention a big hippo was creeping up on me as she was about to take this picture outside the zoo?

30 Mar 2006, 1:31AM

The ladies pose outside the entrance sign...

30 Mar 2006, 12:35PM

Emma gets to the hostel 3rd out of the 3 of us...and gets the 'harry potter' bed under the stairs??? the rest of us have the usual bunk beds in our dorm...lucky old harry?

30 Mar 2006, 2:11AM

Tasha & Emma find a machine that dispenses HOT MASHED POTATO from the locsal shop near our hostel...who says they aren't eating healthily?

30 Mar 2006, 3:28PM

With the proper attire we are allowed into the mosque to look into it

30 Mar 2006, 3:16PM

The main mosque in the Arab quarter of Singapore.

30 Mar 2006, 4:14PM

"It's Tiger time' the barman said as we walked past his bar...and we didn't need telling twice to sample some of the local beer! Even Tasha had a bottle...and later thought she'd had 4 pints? As if?

30 Mar 2006, 4:08PM

The narrowest street in Singapore....