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Kuala Lumpar, & Koh Sumiu

Location: Koh Sumui, Thailand

A couple of pics of our time in the caves in KL & then we flew on "flintstone' airways to Koh Sumui in Thailand! Tasha was lucky enough to meet up with her friend Louiza in Ko Sumui who was holdiaying there with her cousin Jo! We had a wicked couple of days on the beach and on the p#ss with them...and we saw Arsenal get through to the Champions League semi final too!

4 Apr 2006, 7:44PM

The hindu story within the Batau Caves was pictured round the caves & our audio guide helped to explain it to us! The goddest Gunner popped up in this part of the story!

4 Apr 2006, 7:15PM

Inside the Batau Caves, with the hindu temple on the far left & more stairs where the psycho monkeys tried to rob you of any food they could sense on you! They were vicious little s#ds too.

6 Apr 2006, 8:49PM

Tasha & Louiza are reunited after 8 months apart...ahh! We enjoyed a great 1/2 a day (due to hangovers) in the sun & I got to read 'Goals' from The Sun newspaper which Louiza saved for me! How nice is that?

5 Apr 2006, 11:05PM

The high class luggage belt at Koh Sumui airport was a bit of a shocka...with staff loading your bags off a Disney style cart on the left hand side of this moving belt & we waited eagerly to see if "Flintstone Airways" had lost our luggage & we had no clean underwear to change we needed it after this flight!

7 Apr 2006, 2:42AM

We (left to right; Louiza, Tasha, Louiza's cousin Jo & Emma pictured) enjoy a bit of food & beers on the beach bar.

7 Apr 2006, 12:30AM

It's dinner time on one of the wicked beach restaurants in Koh Sumui

7 Apr 2006, 3:22AM

.......meanwhile myself & Emma drank 5 bottles of Chang lager to win these 'superb' & stylish caps with the biggest peaks in the world. Bling bling...or chav chav, depending on your stance.

7 Apr 2006, 2:44AM

Louiza & Tasha caugt up on all the gossip whilst enkoying a quiet drink.....

11 Apr 2006, 10:45AM

Sunset on Koh Phanghan beach, where we stayed in a beach hut.

10 Apr 2006, 4:59PM

Our longtail boat trip was nice & the beaches were nice to on the "Munchies Tour".

10 Apr 2006, 5:31PM

Tasha & myself pose by a waterfall on the Munchies Tour