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tasha's Bday dive

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand

On tasha's bday we arranged to go diving in Koh Tao, an island off the east coast of Thailand which is the best dive site in the SE Asia. We had a great day, saw some great marine life & our guide, "the chief", was a real great laugh. The rest of the pics are of the Full Moon Party we went to on Koh Panghan island. It was a huge party on the beach to celebrate the lunor calender & also the Thai New Year on this date...the first time in over 25 yrs that these have clashed so it was a VERY BIG party indeed!

11 Apr 2006, 9:38PM

A Thai fishing boat chugs its way back into shore near our boat

11 Apr 2006, 8:44PM

After our 3rd dive of the day we had a 'team picture'! Just before we'd had this taken we'd dived to 20metres & swam up 'the chimney'...a hollow round tube of rock tingling with fish & other marine animals. It was pretty spectacular.

14 Apr 2006, 1:15AM

The illuminous lights on the previous pic are where we headed to have illuminous tattoo's on our skin in preparation for the nights fun on the beach. Here tasha has her gecko drawn on her arm?

14 Apr 2006, 12:59AM

Tasha hits the beach ready for the Full Moon Party!

14 Apr 2006, 4:03AM

This pic is an attempt to show you how the whole beach is rammed with party people...but I don't think it quite does it justice.

14 Apr 2006, 4:01AM

Here is our Full Moon Party gang on the beach ready to party.

14 Apr 2006, 10:06AM

It's actually 7.06am now...Emma is just pulling her skirt up from round her ankles! She tells us she's a good catholic girl but we keep seeing evidence that disputes this??

14 Apr 2006, 4:06AM

This was our 'tipple' for the night....Thia whiskey & coke in a bucket..or vodka & a bucket! These are the main way everyone drank at the party & was on sale all along the beach front..all night...till the sun came up!

14 Apr 2006, 10:19AM

The ladies (& looking at the state of them I use that term losely!) pose outside a bar we visited on our way to breakie which sells "f#cking great buckets" for 100 bharts! Nice, hey?

14 Apr 2006, 10:15AM

The hardcore people (and us!) have made it though the night to the sunrise.

14 Apr 2006, 10:42AM

...and Tasha now starts to realise she has drunk too many buckets of booze over 10 hours to really eat her greasy fry up!!!!

14 Apr 2006, 10:32AM

The ladies (now you know what I mean by my earlier comment!) wait for their breakfast to be served...