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the drunk pictures

Location: Thai Islands + Melbourne, Thailand

People often has us what hepppens when we are not wearing our 'serious traveler hats'. Well to please those people, you know who you are, here are some candid snaps of when we are in relaxed leisure mode.

24 Mar 2006, 1:18AM

Spot the drunk person?

23 Mar 2006, 7:46PM

Tasha receives the first of her many birthday presents...a mini massage in Melbourne! An early one...but a goodie!

12 Apr 2006, 5:05AM

The breakdancing competition is on! I'm just about to 'out comp' my challenger over there with my famous 'helicopter' legs move when my flip flop broke & let me down..I still won on points though.

6 Apr 2006, 5:06AM

To celebrate the Thai New Year...a bit early...we had a water fight & Tasha...lost?

14 Apr 2006, 7:04AM

You know you've had enough....when you can't stay upright for your pre-programmed picture to be taken on the camera & the girl who has set it up has almost missed us in the picture altogether...Miss Constable?

14 Apr 2006, 7:41AM

After the Full Moon Party Tasha enjoyed her "vommit on a plate", as she tastefully described her breakie.