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Cambodia - Siem Reap

Location: Siem Reap, Vietnam

These are our last two pics from our time in Bangkok at our night out on the famous Phat Pong road...notorious for its dodgy nightlife but a must see for all...dodgy backpackers. Following on from these are some highlights of our time in Siem Reap, our first stop on our way through Cambodia

23 Apr 2006, 5:39AM

After 'Super Pussy'...what more do u need to see ..but a random elephant walking down the main street in Phat Pong in Bangkok?

23 Apr 2006, 3:13AM

Bangkok - I was about to find out how these 'super cats' played table tennis & used chop sticks to pick up things....very very excited indeed!

25 Apr 2006, 1:45PM

Riding along in our tuk tuk in Siem Reap...driver Haut was a legend too.

25 Apr 2006, 4:27AM

Cambodia - Emma was lucky enough to sleep under the BIGGEST fruit salad protector in the world at our luxury accomodation... each though & she was as safe as a banana?

25 Apr 2006, 2:07PM

As well as habing a red arse he laso had flees..wild monkeys playing in the fields near Angkor Wat...with 2 cute baby monkeys to the right.

25 Apr 2006, 1:59PM

The South West gate entrance to Angkor Wat with the ying yang guards balancing out the karma..

25 Apr 2006, 2:54PM

Bayon Temple is famous for its 'faces' looking out over the people of Angkor Wat

25 Apr 2006, 2:46PM

Inside the Bayon Temple the entrances start off narrower far away so the people bow down as they approach the Buddah statue behind me in this shot

25 Apr 2006, 3:31PM

Cambodia is very green & lush in you can see on the way to this temple

25 Apr 2006, 3:20PM

Bayon was probably the best temple we saw for my money over the 3 days we were in Siem Reap...I think this shows how magnificent it is,

25 Apr 2006, 3:45PM

A big elephant crept up behind me when I was waiting for tasha to take my picture?

25 Apr 2006, 3:43PM

Tasha does an very 'original' impression in front of the Elephant Terrace...guess what she's supposed to be please people?