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Siem reap

Location: Siem Reap, Vietnam

These pics shwo our time in Siem Reap, visiting the Angkor Wat temples. This is a 3 day experience & we certainly stretched our brains & calf muscles touring them.

25 Apr 2006, 4:23PM

typical scene in Cambodia of a lady washing the family clothes in open water, in this case a lake.

25 Apr 2006, 4:16PM

I do my 'sitting budha' front of a huge sitting budha

25 Apr 2006, 6:04PM

one of the Angkor Wat temples we visited on our 1st day of the tour

25 Apr 2006, 6:01PM

The headless stone budha received a new head...made of wood (some would say?) though & not always containing much!

25 Apr 2006, 6:55PM

"You have dollor for me...dollor for me Mr?" Tasha practices her begging routine in case our funds run desperately low!?!?

25 Apr 2006, 6:26PM

Tasha uses all her strength to stop the building from falling down?

25 Apr 2006, 6:57PM

Inside one of the smaller temples we walked round.

25 Apr 2006, 6:56PM

The temple as been over run by mother nature & the trees have grown round it & through it over the thousands of years it has been standing.

25 Apr 2006, 7:09PM

The tree here has completely grown round the temple.

25 Apr 2006, 7:02PM

Although Tasha is not the tallest girl in the can appreciate how big these trees are from thsi picture.

25 Apr 2006, 7:57PM

In the background...the beautiful temple that is Angkor the foreground two dodgy Surrey girls covered in their sorongs!

25 Apr 2006, 7:27PM

The temple is surrounded by unspoilt forest & was discovered later than many of the others in the area due to the dense covering.