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Angkor Wat

Location: Siem Reap, Vietnam

Here are is a record of our time at Angkor Wat, the main temple to visit in Siem Reap. We visited it at sunset & then at sunrise the following morning to get the best from it.

25 Apr 2006, 8:02PM

The tourists get in the way a bit of my photo but you can see the whole of the temple from here & how amazing the temple looks from afar.

25 Apr 2006, 7:59PM

You can see the monks visiting at the entrance to Angkor Wat temple here.

25 Apr 2006, 8:36PM

As the sunlight cascades across her forehead, Natasha looks out onto the surrounding gardens of the Angkor Wat temple as she thinks about....why she has too many clothes still in her ruck sack?

25 Apr 2006, 8:12PM

You can see the entire length of the inside of the temple through these archways...if those Japs hadn't blocked my view.

25 Apr 2006, 9:59PM

The temple in the distance as the sunsets in front of it...thus why its a redish colour rather than the usual grey stone colour you see in the other pictures

25 Apr 2006, 8:37PM

The inside of the Angkor Wat temple.

26 Apr 2006, 9:24AM

Angkor Wat at Sunrise....

25 Apr 2006, 10:11PM

If you've read our diary entry you'll know what Emma is sitting on here...if you use your imagination you may work it out! Shame Emma didn't suss out before the MONK starting laughing at her & 2 Jap tourists explained that she was sitting on a HUGE PENIS!!!! Phalic symbols are important for fertility in budhist temples...on this showing Emma can expect to have many many children!!!!! taxi for one?

26 Apr 2006, 9:33AM

You can see how busy it gets, even at 6.30am!!!!

26 Apr 2006, 9:30AM

Another nice pic of Angkor Wat at sunrise....

26 Apr 2006, 9:42AM

All the tourists (Japs) have left now as the sun has risen & they're off to see other temples before returning to their aircon rooms!

26 Apr 2006, 9:36AM

An artistic shot of the temple using the lake for a reflection.