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Different sides of Siem Reap

Location: Siem Reap, Vietnam

In Siem Reap we not only saw temples but met some great people & saw for the first time the inhume side of life that has dogged Cambodia since 1979 & the fall of the Khmer Rouge army whilst visiting the Landmines Museum

27 Apr 2006, 3:50PM

....meanwhile on the roadside we met this nice young girl, Nia, pictured here with Tasha. Although she spoke no english & was not used to western people she tried to communicate with us & sat with us while Huot fixed his motorbike. It was a very nice experience & amazing how polite & friendly people in Cambodia are.

27 Apr 2006, 3:49PM

Poor old Huot's trusty motor bike wasn't haing a good day & 2/3 of the way to a temple the chain fell off! He pushed it down to the nearest house & fixed it very quickly.....

27 Apr 2006, 6:03PM

Hbal Spean, near the temple of Banteay Srei, was carvings completed in rocks that had collapsed under attack from Khmer Rouge soldiers. Nowadays they are visable by a waterfall but still retain their beauty

27 Apr 2006, 4:15PM

Her is Nia (on the left) waving us off with her friends from the village where she lived! They loved having their pictures taken & seeing them on our camera.

27 Apr 2006, 6:48PM

A quick rest with the dense jungle behind us.

27 Apr 2006, 6:27PM

The waterfall near Hbal Spean, in the jungle.

27 Apr 2006, 7:20PM

Here you have the equivalent of a 'transit van' in Cambodia! We see postcards everywhere showing motorbikes carrying huge loads & then we discovered its not just a picture postcard for the tourists....its real life!

27 Apr 2006, 7:12PM

Typical village houses on stilts in Cambodia.

27 Apr 2006, 7:39PM

Banteay Srei is reknown for its beautiful carvings & pinkish colour.

27 Apr 2006, 7:33PM

Banteay Srei temple is the prettiest of the 10th century temples of Angkor

27 Apr 2006, 9:07PM

Here I am with a grenade in my hot seaty mit....cause you still feel a bit nervous holding it even though its been dismantled

27 Apr 2006, 9:01PM

A huge pile of landmines on exhibition at the landmine museum...nothing compared to the estimated 5.5 million still in fields in Cambodia