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Location: Battenbang, Vietnam

IN Battenbang we sorted out a great trip on 3 motorbikes around the city and it turned out to be one of the best little trips we have done. We saw the countryside, how locals live & had some great fun too. battenbang is Cambodias 2nd biggest our Birmingham?

29 Apr 2006, 5:06PM

This rather grim pictures shows some of the skulls & bones of people the Khmer Rouge soliders left to die in the 'Killing Caves'.

29 Apr 2006, 3:50PM

We visited the Angkor temple on top of this hill via a walk up many stairs

29 Apr 2006, 7:32PM

The many many steps leading to a temple we visited. (see photo 1)

29 Apr 2006, 5:11PM

The killing caves with one of our moto drivers. The Khmer Rouge either killed people with clubs & other weapons before they dropped them in here thru the a whole in the top of teh cave or chucked them & left them to starve to death. There was only one entrance/exit...through the roof 100ft up with no way of climbing out.

29 Apr 2006, 8:52PM

At the fruit plantation we stopped off at we met these little fella's.

29 Apr 2006, 8:09PM

Tasha (left) & Emma on the back of their moto's

29 Apr 2006, 9:08PM

I'm standing by the 'Happy Plant' which the locals are allowed to grow 3-5 plnats per household for their own use.

29 Apr 2006, 8:55PM

Ever wondered what a row of pineapples looks obviously need to get out more? ;-) Here they are!!!!!!

29 Apr 2006, 9:52PM

While we waited for the train we met some local kids who chatted with us. they we very friendly & not used to Emma's "very white skin" as one girl proudly told her!!!!!!!!!

29 Apr 2006, 9:29PM

This was my driver & guide for the day. He was 38 yrs old & had 4 kids....the oldest was 24??? Now do the maths & see what a busy man he has been.

29 Apr 2006, 9:53PM

All aboard the 'bambo train' ...literally all aboard. The bikes, us, the guides, locals & local produce were packed on. At this 'station' it was turned around for us & we enjoyed a rickety 30 minute ride back towards the city centre.