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Phnom Penh

Location: Phnom Penh, Vietnam

During our time in Phnom Penh we visited the gruesome sighs of the S-21 Security Prison (Toul Sleng Genocide Museum) & The Killing Fields 15km outside the city centre. After these shocking places we took time the next day to see the Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda as well as visit the Lighthouse Orphanage just outside the city too.

1 May 2006, 3:58PM

Individual cells crated by dividing up the classrooms of the Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pots former school. Prisoners were only in here for 3 months until they were taken to the Killing Fields

1 May 2006, 3:13PM

A cell used by the Khmer Rouge soldiers in the S-21 prison. 40-50 prisoners were kept shackled in rows in this prison & not allowed out even to wash. The cans on the bed were their only toilet facilities. An estimated 20,000 victims passed through S-21 between 1975 and 1979. This cell is excatly how the liberating vietnamese army found it, with bodies of khmer soldiers on the beds of each cell, killed so they could not speak of what had happened here.

1 May 2006, 7:34PM

Some skulls of the 8,985 bodies exumed from the 86 mass graves at Choeung Ek

1 May 2006, 4:00PM

The barbed wire installed around the classrooms where mainly professional people were tortured as they were thought to be a threat to the revolution. Khmer Rouge child soldiers often told on their parents who were voicing concerns about the revolution as the kids were brained washed into thinking they were helping them. The parents would then meet certain death...sometimes even killed by their own child soldiers.

1 May 2006, 7:46PM

Some of the mass graves found at choeung Ek, with a further 43 being left untouched in the surrounding area.

1 May 2006, 7:35PM

The tall white hollow supa that commemorates all those who died from 1975 to 1979, demograpphically arranged on glass shelves

1 May 2006, 8:02PM

A full view of the memorial to the vicitims of Choeung Ek.

1 May 2006, 7:47PM

At the front of this picture you can see victims clothes which become unearthed when the rain washes the top soil away at the side of these graves. the victims would have been stripped naked beofre being clubbed to death...the Khmer Army didn't use bullets to murder its victims as it was considered a waste...

2 May 2006, 7:11PM

Typical khmer influenced-architecture inside the Royal Palace grounds

2 May 2006, 6:49PM

Silver Pagoda - inside the grounds of the Royal Palace & given its name due tot he 5,329 silver tiles that cover the inside of the floor.

2 May 2006, 10:04PM

This little fella loved having his photo taken and seeing the image on the camera afterwards & who could deny him the simple pleasure. This is the sort of image of Cambodia that will forever stick in our memories, friendly & kind people just looking for some help from us.

2 May 2006, 10:02PM

Lighthouse Orphanage - here are some pictures of the kids we met & played with during our visit to the orphanage just outside Phnom Penh. You can see they have very little but still play happily together.