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Location: Kampot, Cambodia

One of the last places we visited in Cambodia was Kampot, a strong hold of the Khmer Rouge & a quick stop off for us on the way to the south west coast

4 May 2006, 3:54PM

Miss Gunner takes interest in an unusual local plant

4 May 2006, 1:15PM

On our tour you know its not gonna be your day when your vehicle breaks down 10 minutes into the trip?

4 May 2006, 4:43PM

Inside of the old casino, which was once so grand

4 May 2006, 4:38PM

A casino.... once the pinacle of the local area & then a fortress for Khmer Rouge soldiers high up on the hills surrounding Kampot and they trshed the place too. We saw many bullet holes in the building

4 May 2006, 8:26PM

Relaxing with a cheesey grin at the completion of our trip on a boat ride down the river

4 May 2006, 5:03PM

The 'happy couple' with the view from the casino overlooking Kampot behind us

4 May 2006, 8:52PM

Typical view from our boat trip home past teh lush countryside.

4 May 2006, 8:27PM

Our driver on the boat trip was a real character...and his boat had a lot of it too!

6 May 2006, 8:32PM

Tasha gets her toes painted on the beach.

6 May 2006, 8:31PM

Sihanoukville - a lovely beach on the south west coast