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Hoi An - Shoppers Paradise!

Location: Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An proved to be too much for Tasha to resist and she was like a kid in a sweet shop when she saw those tailors who could make her clothes...especially trousers that fit her!!! We toured round the town with various friends we met & Tasha managed 7 clothes fittings whist we were there to buy various items.

15 May 2006, 2:24PM

The 'happy couple' pose on the Japanese Bridge. (Tasha is having a clothes fitting..probably trousers)

15 May 2006, 1:48PM

Not very often you see a sight like this....a Brentford Fc football shirt outside of London..outside of their ground come to think of it due to embarrassment! Rob & Pil (wearing the new Premiership shirt of Reading FC) make out like they work the streets of Hoi An.

15 May 2006, 2:33PM

Outside of an old merchants house in the narrow streets of Hoi An

15 May 2006, 2:32PM

Me & a stone monkey. There are 2 monkeys one side of the bridge & 2 dogs on the other side to show which years of the chinese calender the bridge was starting to be built & the year it was completed (ie. Yr of the Monkey)

15 May 2006, 3:15PM

Brentford FC fan on tour...usually they are not allowed out of their community so their care workers can make monthly visits to them...later this night Rob needed his as Swansea City beat them in the play-off semi finals

15 May 2006, 2:59PM

Some locals walk acroos the sucken bridge to get to a boat...only in Vietnam does this happen?

15 May 2006, 4:06PM

"What...I can get another one made for only 30 6 hours"

15 May 2006, 4:04PM

One of my fitting sessions as the nice lady checks the cuffs to my shirts fit.

16 May 2006, 2:36PM

Traditional dancing seen on our day trip to My Son

16 May 2006, 12:36AM

The 'Hoi An pose' out for dinner at a cheap local eaterie. (back to front & left to right) Rob, Kiara, Tasha, Pil, Sam & Emma

16 May 2006, 3:06PM

..."in my deams.."....and maybe Tasha's too? A big phalic symbol & me pose happily together

16 May 2006, 2:58PM

World Heritage listed-ruins of the Champa in My Son. Champa kinds were buried here as early as the 4th century but these sanctuarys are from the 7th century