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Hoi An/ Hue..Eary gets spanked

Location: Hoi An / Hue, Vietnam

At the end of our My Son trip we got a boat trip down the river to Hoi An town before enjoying a night on the town. In Hue, the next town on our tour of 'Nam, we were more cultural as you can see from the pics!!!

16 May 2006, 5:49PM

Relaxing on the front of the boat in the sunshine

16 May 2006, 5:43PM

Another day at the office for vietnamese traveling down the local river

17 May 2006, 2:20AM

Emma, Tasha, Kiara & Sam tuck into the great food from Cafe Des Amis.

17 May 2006, 12:44AM

A 'Gunner design' ...don't look for it in the shops cause its not out there's all in her head??

17 May 2006, 7:19PM

Inside the Citadel of Hue. This is the first enclosure of this inspiring construction

17 May 2006, 4:15PM

Tasha is made to feel like a 'princess' as we are met off the bus by the guy from the hotel we've booked to stay with

17 May 2006, 7:39PM

Tasha does her best to lower the tone of this historic Palace in the background

17 May 2006, 7:26PM

Local ladies walking through the Citadel

17 May 2006, 8:52PM

"...Jap Attack..." Here you see 1/3 of a Japanese tour group following their guide through the Citadel...why ALL the white caps? They always have an identical uniform 'on tour', be it a bag or unbrella or caps!!!

17 May 2006, 8:06PM

Sam dresses to impress...well she is a West Ham Utd fan so need we say more? After that cup final loss she needed cheering up...

18 May 2006, 1:27AM

After 5 beers Eary gets a big spanking from Thru the bar owner....she liked to "spank the BIG boy" as she kept telling us and Eary seemed to be leaning on that wall for ages before he picked up the chair & stood up straight

18 May 2006, 1:12AM

Tasha & Eary meet up for beers in a local bar in Hue