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Location: Hue, Vietnam

18 May 2006, 1:52PM

A chinese progoda. It has 7 layers as odd numbers are considered lucky & the pinty bits you see on the outsides signify the lotus flower which sacred in Vietnam

18 May 2006, 1:43PM

The guy driving the cyclo 2nd from the left shows what safe driving means in Vietnam...not crashing but not seeing you're gonna crash in the first place!!

18 May 2006, 2:18PM

A local boat...looks like its sinking but it's actually the norm....

18 May 2006, 2:05PM

The famous car that the monk from the temple drove to Saigon & set fire to himself to protest agaionst the Catholics

18 May 2006, 3:16PM

The monks prepare for dinner....

18 May 2006, 2:26PM

Biker Gunner on her moto tour of Hue.

18 May 2006, 4:15PM

Tasha outside a temple...

18 May 2006, 3:21PM

A novice monk finshes the ceremony by making an offering to Buddha

18 May 2006, 4:22PM

Group shot at the temple of the girls, me & Eary

18 May 2006, 4:45PM

The gang get freindly with some local Buddha monuments

19 May 2006, 8:30PM

Typical sight in 'nam & SE Asia...the locals all dress up in protective head gear to protect themselves from the sun & smog!

18 May 2006, 9:26PM

The train to Hanoi approaches...while Tasha writes down the engine number for her Dad