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Location: Hanoi / Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Our final bit of time in Vietnam was spent in Hanoi sight seeing & on a 3 day boat trip around the Islands of Ha Long Bay. The 5 of us travelling together at this point met up with 4 Irish guys & 2 pommies.....on the first night the drinking games began...and it got messy!

20 May 2006, 7:51PM

A display of traditional music in the temple of literature

20 May 2006, 7:17PM

The temple of literature where young scholars used to be sent to gain a superior education in Vietnam

20 May 2006, 8:27PM

In a local park these ladies are playing badminton (although you can't see the shuttle) in the shade.....they love badminton in Vietnam, they have courts marked out on the pavements for people to rack up & play on.

20 May 2006, 7:54PM

I was dragged on stage to dance in a stupid big hat in front of everyoen else & the camera's from tasha & my friends went off so often I was almost blinded by the constant flashing....can't think why?

20 May 2006, 10:42PM

The water puppet show involved people standing up to their knees in water & controlling puppets from behind this stage in water! This is the figting dragons part of the show.

20 May 2006, 10:35PM

The water puppet show - this is the orchestra who sat to the right of the stage on the next pic playing music throughout the performance.

21 May 2006, 6:34PM

Beautiful Ha Long Bay....with our boat moored up with the others on the left of the jetty. ha Long Bay is reknown for being made up of over 2000 small islands like those you see in this shot.

21 May 2006, 1:20AM

Bia Hoi time! here we sit in a dark dingy side street drinking beer on very small chairs for 30p for 2 litres!

21 May 2006, 9:50PM

Nice sunset over some of the islands of Ha Long Bay

21 May 2006, 7:33PM

A junk boat which is similar to the one we sailed rouns th bay on

22 May 2006, 3:18PM

We did a hard trek through some rough terrain in the midday heat in Ha Long Bay...but nobody told Rory the Irish lad in centre grey tshirt...who wore his flip flops!!! Oops?

22 May 2006, 3:42AM

After the drinkning games, when Tasha was "the pigeon" for too long she did what she does best when she got back to our cabin....VOMMED AGAIN! Another "vommed in country" to add to her list on our trip? Vietnam..check!