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Ha Long Bay II + Hanoi II

Location: Ha Long Bay / Hanoi, Thailand

On the last day of our trip in Ha Long Bay we treked & did some sea kayaking before returnign to visit the Ho Chi Mhins Mausoleum & museum. This was our final stop in Vietnam.

22 May 2006, 3:29PM

My hair kept getting in my eyes on our I borrowed Tasha's bandana...but some people reckoned I shut cut it all off!!!

22 May 2006, 3:23PM

Here Anna (from NZ) strokes the baby goats on our trek...

22 May 2006, 8:58PM

Our Ha Long Bay group replax on Monkey Island...

22 May 2006, 7:40PM

Kayaker Gunner was very suspect at the back of our 2 person kayak! She couldn't steer, kept lookign around & not putting her oar in (for a change!). We hit / bumped into 5 islands....& the rest of the group hit a total of '0' between 16 of them....and we were 30 mins longer getting back than the others! I was "moody moody moody" after this experience?

24 May 2006, 2:13PM

Ho Chi Mhin's Mausoleum, where Ho Chi Mhin's body lies enbalmed in a cold dark room. We queued up for 30 mins & filed past to have a was very surreal. The crowds flock to see him as he is like the "Princess Di" of the UK...loved by all.

22 May 2006, 9:14PM

...while the monkeys get drunk on local beers! He downed in quicker than Emma C though so fair play to him.

24 May 2006, 2:45PM

We pose in front of a statu of "Uncle Ho", as the vietnamese know him in the Ho Chi Mhin museum

24 May 2006, 2:18PM

Tasha pays her respects he one pillar pagoda in the grounds of the Mausoleum