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Location: Vientiane, Laos

We took a 23 hour bus journey from Hanoi in Vietnam to get to Vientiane in Laos...and although it was a squash on board it was well worth the trip.

26 May 2006, 3:48PM

The Presidential Palace in Vientiane

26 May 2006, 3:36PM

the 'urgency' or emergency dept of the local hospital...hopefully they don't get taken there in those 'tuk tuks'......

26 May 2006, 8:00PM

Nice view of the city from the Patouxai

26 May 2006, 7:45PM

The Patouxai...or the Laos version of the Arc de Triomphe.

26 May 2006, 10:49PM

We had a traditional Laos massage & herbal sauna a temple. It was a bit of a luxury and cost us in total each...hey big spenders!

26 May 2006, 8:14PM

Tasha catches me doing my hair as she takes a shot of the gold spire behind me .

27 May 2006, 4:00PM

27 May 2006, 3:56PM

27 May 2006, 5:46PM

Buddha Park - I pose out of teh rain shower inside the strange entrance to teh temple

27 May 2006, 4:23PM

27 May 2006, 3:06PM

Inside a temple he created it contained 3 levels...heaven, earth & hell....guess which level this is?

27 May 2006, 2:52PM

Buddha Park was created by a self-styled holy man who claimed to have been a disciple of a cave-dwelling Hindu hermit in Vietnam. Upon returning to Laos he created thsi sculpture garden, to help spread his philosophy of life & his ideas about the cosmos.