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Location: Vientiane, Laos

In our last days in Vientiane we did a bit of touring to various sights which are the main focus of Laos...most a bit wacky indeed!

26 May 2006, 3:48PM

A sneaky picture of the Presidents Palace...and we didn't get shot taking it to like the guide book suggested might happen

26 May 2006, 3:36PM

Here is the eqivalent of the 'accident & emergency' dept of a Laos hospital...its subtly called "Urgency dept"! If u have to be taken there in those 'tuk tuks' parked up outside I doubt it will be a very urgent jourey at all...

26 May 2006, 8:14PM

A nice picture of me taken by tasha re-arranging my sweet?

26 May 2006, 8:00PM

A view from the top of their Arc de Triumphe'

27 May 2006, 3:56PM

The 'national monument' of Laos.....a golden temple in Vientiane

26 May 2006, 10:49PM

Relaxing after a traditional laos massage...

27 May 2006, 4:23PM

Its rainning heavily.....and fashion guru Tasha puts on this years 'in thing' in rainwear...the plastic poncho!

27 May 2006, 4:00PM

Tasha does her now 'famous' impression of a buddha.

27 May 2006, 2:52PM

The view of Buddha Park...many crazy scultures were u here before the crazy man who did it was banished to Thailand...where he did it all over again?

27 May 2006, 5:46PM

If only the mouth had closed & he'd be gone forever......i climbed inside this sculpture & up inside it to see more sculptures of 'hell,earth, & heaven' depicted by the crazy buddisht man who set up 'Buddha Park'

27 May 2006, 3:30PM

The outside of the 'hell, earth & heaven' scuplture we climbed up inside.