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Vientiane & Vang Vieng

Location: Vientiane/Vang Vieng, Laos

A few more exciting pics from Buddha it was very weird! Next we took the bus to Vang Vieng & Tasha, Emma & a weird dutch girl called Laura visted some caves early one morning while I lied in bed...sick of caves?

27 May 2006, 3:13PM

A local lad with a big elephant with 3 heads.

27 May 2006, 3:11PM

Just when you thought the sculptures looked weird..

27 May 2006, 3:06PM

This was a sculpture from 'Hell' that was mentioned on the previous picture page...weird stuff or what?

27 May 2006, 3:15PM

"home...E.T phone home..."

29 May 2006, 11:56AM

the lush countryside of Vang Vieng

28 May 2006, 7:58PM

The ladies relax on the bouncy bamboo bridge over looking the river of Vang Vieng.

29 May 2006, 12:51PM

the skinniest dutch girl in the world who tals about how much she eats too much for comfort makes Emma feel like she's having a 'fat day' inside the caves

29 May 2006, 12:36PM

"Sweaty Betty" puts on her headlamp and gets inside the cabes

29 May 2006, 1:34PM

A local guy doesn't want to let a bit of water on the road get in the way of his journey in Vang Vieng

29 May 2006, 1:30PM

A "sea of cows"...pic inspired by Mrs Baldwin

29 May 2006, 1:32PM

That's why they call them 'water buffalo'?