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Vang Vieng

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos

It was part time in Laos...never thought I type those words in my life? We've been traveling hardcore for some time so Vang Vieng is just the place to take ur foot off the gas & chill....with some tubing down a river, a few beer stops in mid tubing & some FREINDS! That's watching FREINDS on the telly & meeting lots of mates we've been traveling with. Good times!

29 May 2006, 2:52PM

A very good sign....that is honest if not blunt to stop you peeing at the start of your tubing in the local bushes?

29 May 2006, 2:46PM

Here we all are raeady to tube! (left to right) Rob the Brentford fan, Emma, Laura crazy dutch girl, ramdon man from tuk tuk we got to this point, Tasha, Tony from NZ & Annie, one of our nice dutch mates

29 May 2006, 3:20PM

Emma's great pic of me mid zip-line....I was so fast she almost missed me!

29 May 2006, 3:20PM

Here I am, about to zip-line it into the river at ur first beer stop...after a bit of Lao courage is inside me?

29 May 2006, 4:02PM

Tasha is flying on the BIG zip-line 2 bars down the river...

29 May 2006, 3:23PM

Hanging out with a cute little chick....and Laura, the crazy dutch girl?

1 Jan 1980, 12:01AM

Miss Gunner tubing with a beer

29 May 2006, 4:39PM

...and here i am about to hurt myself as entry at high speed into the nice clean river almost put ur shoulder out of action & caused me to strain a few muscles in my neck, leg & back...

1 Jan 1980, 12:03AM

The night after tubing we meet up for beers...Marco on the front left is from.....the netherlands in case you don't know your footy shirts!

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

Now drunk...I have nicked Robs dumb hat & proudly display it to the camera

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

My latest haircut! A self-portrait...hence my hand is in it!

1 Jan 1980, 12:00AM

A pile of butterflies we encountered on our mini-trek to the waterfalls with NO water in them ...ummm!